Turn your resistance into persistence.

The process of inventing a higher version of yourself, rarely, if ever, happens overnight. Transformation requires time, and time requires persistence. There will be obstacles. “You are not allowed to do that,” your boss says. “That’s not who you are,” your friends say. When the world conflicts with our dreams, we begin doubting ourselves and resist the challenges confronting us. But when we resist the present moment, we press the brakes on our dreams. Resistance is believing that the world must be right and our vision must be wrong. Resistance is when fear creeps like a black spider into your daydreams; it lingers, then you forget. At the moment of resistance we have a choice. We can either sink back into our same old patterns, and die another small death, or we can proceed with courage and greet our obstacles in a state of flow.

Resistance is natural; so is perseverance. Dreams remain dreams to the degree that we take our resistance seriously. Yogi Bhajan said it best. “Keep up, and you will be kept up.” Those standing at the end of the race, the heroes of their story, are those who transform their resistance into persistence.