Sh#t Your Ego Says: “I’m Not Good Enough.”

The Ego sees itself in competition with the world. It compares itself against others and is constantly keeping score. “She is much smarter than me,” your Ego says. “I will never be good enough to compete.” The opposite is also true. The Ego judges other people and thinks they are not good enough. “That person sucks,” your Ego says. “He will never be as good as me.”

What your Ego does not understand is that we are not in competition with the world. The only competition we face is our dreams vs. our Ego. Our dreams tell us our purpose. Our Ego gives us excuses. Our dreams want to bravely propel us into a new life. Our Ego clings with fear and attachment to what it knows.

Here’s the thing – when you follow your dreams and live your purpose, no one can possibly be better than you. This is because every person on Earth has a unique purpose. Your truth is not in conflict with my truth. When you release attachment to the Ego and step into your higher purpose, you win. Nobody can be you better than you. “Be the best version of yourself, not a second-rate someone else,” my Higher Self tells me. “When you compete with others, you will never be good enough. But when you grow into the best version of yourself, your own truth is all that matters. And nobody can compete with that.”

  • raychil

    Wow I loved that! Really thought provoking. Thanks 😀

    • Thanks for reading and commenting! I appreciate it.

      • Karan Gupta

        Hi james..

        Really well written….but sometimes u know i am stuck when i am not able to do a thing well that i used to do or had done earlier well and my worry over that complicates the situation by making me believe now how come will u be able to do that in future without a chance of mistake? Its just like meeting with an accident and then having the jitters of driving again for the first 2 days then things come back to normal again as u continue driving….but sometimes those 2 days are prolonged and are quite distressing and unpleasant….any advice on how can i avoid even those 2 days of misery and live present moment fully and happily..

        • Hi Karan,

          Thank you very much for the message. I totally understand how you feel. We’re not always on the top of our game. In fact, whenever I start something new (even if it’s something I’ve done a hundred times before) I feel a sense of panic and think there is no way I will ever succeed. It feels like I forgot how to do what once came so easily. I believe everyone experiences feelings like this. But the choice is ours whether we let the uncertainty stop us, or if we keep going in spite of our fears. My advice? Always keep going.

          Zen philosophy talks about having a “beginner’s mind.” Being an expert is not something we should strive for. Why? Because as soon as we think we know it all, we limit our possibility for growth. Instead, we should keep an open mind to the state of infinite possibility before us. It is from this place of emptiness that we also imagination and creativity to present the best possible way forward.

          I hope this helps. Cheers.

  • Vidhi

    This is amazing. Reading it freed me from a LOT of things I had in mind. I can be myself and I’ll just be me. No competition needed. This is simple to understand (once you understand it, haha). So why do you think children are raised to compete and be better than someone, and rewarded hugely for it, too? It takes a little mental coaching for me to stop myself from comparing. Though, practice makes perfect, right?

    • Thanks for the comment. I’m so happy my articles helped you. Yes, you’re right. Our capitalist social structure often encourages children to compete with each other. To a degree, this is okay. But we should all, children included, be measured by standards related to our talents and purpose, not lumped into the same bucket that does not fit everyone the same.