Sh#t Your Ego Says: “I Want To Achieve More.”


I’m a hustler. You probably are too. What is a hustler? Someone who takes what they were given and turns it into more. “Put me anywhere on God’s green Earth / and I’ll triple my worth” Jay-Z, prototypical hustler, rapped. Having a hustler mentality is good. It means you are willing to grow outside your comfort zone, stay creatively sharp and work to expand your resources and reality.

But the qualities of a hustler can be abused. The Ego says “I want more,” not for the sake of personal growth, but because it is needy. The Ego seeks achievement as a replacement for self-worth. Of course, the Ego’s self-worth never comes. As soon as it achieves something, it wants something else. It’s a vicious cycle that is never satisfied. And here’s the thing – when you seek achievement to satisfy a lack inside yourself, you won’t find it. Success will elude you. It’s like chasing a shadow. Chasing success from a place of lack will throw you out of alignment with your higher purpose. Worse yet, you’ll be miserable. Trust me, I know from experience.

So how do we achieve authentic success? Not by chasing what we want. No sir. We achieve authentic happiness and success by loving what we do. No more, no less. Hard work is important. So is imagination. But nothing is more important on your road to success than loving what you do. When we force a result, we block the work of the Universe. But when we allow ourselves to gratefully be channels for a higher purpose, the joy we put into our effort shows. The outcome is inspired. Others notice the love. And the love is returned. Go ahead and hustle – but don’t force it. Hustle with love.