Sh#t Your Ego Says: “I’m Worried About What Other People Think.”

For many years, I held back my creativity and vision because I was worried about what others would think. I restricted myself. I played the role I thought society wanted me to play. I wanted more for myself, but I was afraid. I was afraid that people would not support me. So I stayed quiet. I kept my light dim.

I felt afraid because, in truth, I doubted myself. I had not fully committed to living my purpose. I was still an amateur, and I doubted my ability to hang with the big boys. When I finally committed to making my dream a reality, I stopped caring about what others thought. I gave everything I had and released any doubt in myself. “Haters are gonna hate,” I thought, and went about my business. I was committed. I was a pro.

We all have a purpose. This purpose haunts us like a voice whispering to us every morning, telling us that we have important work to do. This voice is our Higher Self. When we worry about what others think, we imagine voices in the crowd telling us that our purpose is stupid. “You’ll never make it,” this voice tells us. “Quit dreaming.” This voice is your Ego.

Fear of what others will think is the result of self-doubt. When you stop doubting your purpose, you will no longer care about what others think. You will be living from a place of untouchable truth. Your vision is too important to keep to yourself. The world needs you. So speak up. When you stop questioning yourself, the world will no longer question you. When you stand firm in your own path, the Universe clears a way.