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Hi, I’m James McCrae – Hay House author, strategist, creative consultant, yogi. Thanks for stopping by.

As a strategist and creative consultant for individuals and organizations around the world, I have spent my life developing innovative ways to turn imagination into results. My writing outlines practical strategies for discovering higher purpose, unlocking creative potential, and achieving meaningful success. Order my debut publicationSh#t Your Ego Says (Hay House), or check out my eBooks to learn how to overthrow the ego and become the hero of your story. My nonprofit organization, Innerspace Foundation, is dedicated to the advancement of mindful creativity.

I’m available for business consultation, creative coaching, and public speaking. To get in touch with me, drop me a line.

In my spare time I practice meditation and Kundalini yoga, listen to hip-hop music, drink yerba matte, and enjoy literature, design, burritos and basketball. I live in New York City.

What others are saying:

“James McCrae is the Eckhart Tolle of the Internet Generation.” –The Huffington Post

“James McCrae encourages a bigger life of truth by separating ourselves from the status quo in order to fulfill our true purpose.” –Yogi Times

“James has everything it takes – kindness, abundant creativity, humor and a persistent drive to improve the lives of the people he touches. Anyone who reads his work is making a wise investment in their future.” –Frederick Dodson

“Without fail, James helps people elevate and grow. He is a creative juggernaut with a sharp mind and heart of compassion. He hits you between the eyes with truth that transforms his readers.” – Chris Bashinelli

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