Is it just me
or do our mistakes make us
more interesting?
I do not fit
or want to fit
conventional standards of perfection.
Perfection is boring
and not perfect
having been sanitized
of human touch.

Don’t tell me your income.
Tell me your message.
Don’t show me your network.
Show me your heart.

I am an awkward collection
of temporary molecules
fused together by gravity
and some idea of purpose
I came here
to find.

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How To Build A Successful Author Marketing Platform

People always ask me how to launch a career as an author, so I wrote an article in Forbes with some pro tips and tricks. (Hint: it’s about much more than writing.)

The Mindfulness Survival Guide to Online Dating

I went on a bunch of dates so you don’t have to. Check out my latest article for The Huffington Post on mindful relationships in the age of online dating.

Introducing Sh#t Your Ego Says by James McCrae

We Live in the Age of Uncertainty (And That’s Okay)

A new post for my friend Kelly Brogan’s website about Sh#t Your Ego Says and how to turn chaos into creativity.

Amazing Kanye Talk

It Was All a Dream

4 years ago, during the most uncertain time of my life – unemployed, broke, homeless after Hurricane Sandy – the seed of this book was born. This weekend an advance copy arrived from the California Hay House headquarters to my New York City apartment and hit me like a bolt of lightning. I am grateful and blessed to have received the responsibility of bringing this book to life.

4 years later, one thing is clear. Uncertainty, while it can be uncomfortable, is nothing to fear. From uncertainty comes opportunity, and from opportunity comes space for self-actualization. As the world tumbles into another 4 years of uncertainty, I ask that we use this time as an opportunity to trust ourselves and know that there is purpose even in chaos. I promise that it is our inner courage, not our outer circumstances, that protects us. Do not fear evil, but rather trust the goodness within yourself to be a force field in tumultuous times.

Take what you are given and turn it into art.

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Q&A with James McCrae

Check out my pre-launch interview with Sarah Edwards to learn the story behind Sh#t Your Ego Says

Vibes Over Everything

#VOE – Vibes Over Everything

Our vibes are our energy – how we feel and how we make others feel. Too often we treat our vibes as cheap and expendable, throwing them away as soon as something bad happens. We start reacting to circumstances instead of proactively living from a place of inner strength. But the key to remember is that happiness is a choice made prior to, and independent of, external circumstances. When we remain steady in the face of stress – allowing our vibes to lead us – we remember how truly powerful we are.

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Opportunities will come everyday if you take whatever opportunity you are given today

James McCrae

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Sat Nam: The Secret History of Kundalini Yoga

As an ancient physical and spiritual practice, Kundalini Yoga has a long and fascinating history. So why was it kept secret for thousands of years? This article tells the amazing story of Kundalini Yoga, and explains why it has the power to change your life now more than ever.

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I Am An Ecosystem

Depending on our perspective, life can either be an ecosystem or an ego-system. In an ego-system, everything is measured by wins and losses, yet even wins are greeted with a nagging futility. In an ecosystem, there is nothing to win and nothing to lose, and everybody celebrates together anyway.

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What Sh#t Does Your Ego Say?

“The mind always wants to create trouble, because then it remains important; when there is no trouble, it becomes unimportant.” – OSHO

Introducing my new book, Sh#t Your Ego Says (Hay House 2017)

This Moment is More Precious Than You Think

It won’t be different tomorrow
or after I get that raise
or after I fall in love
or when the weekend comes
or when the spotlight finally
turns my way.

I guess what I am saying
is that today is not a dress rehearsal.
This is it. This is my life.
And nothing can ever happen
outside the present moment
or outside the person I already am.

So stop waiting
for things to be different
and remember that
this moment
and your friends
your family
your time
your attention
are more precious than
you think.

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Confessions Of A Straight White Male


Being a straight white male, like every identity, is more complex than any one-sided stereotype. Am I racist? Homophobic? Sexist? The answer is not “yes”. But it’s more complicated than a clear cut “no”. Read my latest on The Huffington Post.

Work Different

Raise your hand if you love your job. For everybody else, I wrote something for you.

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Trust Yourself

Today is my birthday. When I woke up this morning, after gracefully letting myself sleep in later than usual, I made coffee and said to myself, “Last year was pretty good. I finished a book, moved to Manhattan, became a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher, slept in the Maui jungle, and fell in love. Now, what do I want for my 34th year?”

The answer hit me like a lightning bolt. “Trust yourself.”

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What does success look like? If we look at traditional metrics of accomplishment – perfect relationship, Ivy League education, spotless resume – I’m a failure.

But what if perfection wasn’t the point? What if we are alive, not to succeed, but to learn? What if the point is not to find glory, but to find ourselves? What if there is no single finish line to measure ourselves against, but rather the dotted line of personal progress as we stumble imperfectly forward?

I am perpetually awkward, I cannot make a relationship last longer than a year, and my mouth is my foot’s second home. Men are not supposed to be vulnerable, but I’m tired of pretending.

I’m a fuck up. And that’s okay.

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Sh#t Your Ego Says: “Hurry.”

We are artists, not machines, and life is an adventure, not a punch clock.

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Lauryn Hill Drops Truth in 2000

When we meditate, our mind becomes balanced. We retain a neutral state of being that remains calm in the face of chaos. Having a regular meditation practice is a blessing. May we all dedicate a piece of each day to silencing the loud Ego in order to hear the whisper of the Higher Self.

James McCrae

My Power is My Presence.

We all have power. Our power is not the result of how much money we have, or how prestigious our job title is; our power is the result of how connected we are with our inner presence. When we stand confidently in the stillness of our presence, our words and actions assume a self-evident power. Doors open. Others notice. Greatness can not be obtained; it is already within us. We simply must strip away resistance and stand in the power of our presence.

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